Categories: General
      Date: Dec 31, 2016
     Title: Letter from a Parent
Dear David,
I wanted to write to let you know the impact your school enrichment program had on my son. He was fortunate enough to enjoy two of your programs while a student at Cabot School in Newton.  He loved them both and spent many hours describing the music and instruments to us after. He is now in 7th grade. 
You were kind enough to send him sheet music from one of the songs you played on the tin whistle when he wrote you that he had bought a tin whistle and was learning to play it.  He taught himself to play the tin whistle and the concertina and is now interested in the bombarde. He loves folk music, especially sea shanties, still. He decided he wanted to learn the fife and is now a fifer for the Middlesex county 4H Fife and Drum corps.  His latest endeavor is in taking bagpipe lessons. While it is clear that he has an affinity for music, we feel that your presentations were “instrumental” in his desire to explore different types of music. Your presentation also peaked his interest in history and culture and he continues researching and learning about music from around the world.