Each module starts off
with a handy Walkthrough,
with easy-to-follow
All your notes
will be shown
as half notes,
just to keep
things simple
for now.
You Play,
We'll write
Feeling creative? This one's for you. Play a note
on your recorder and we'll write it down for
you on the music staff. Keep on playing and
adding more notes to your tune. Sounds great!
You can name and save your tune and even
add more notes to it later.
Want to play your tune with David? Just tap Play All and
David will play your song back to you. This time, try playing
it along with him as the notes come scrolling by. Try to
match your sound with David's.

Be sure to check out Tuner Fun, Pierre's tuning module,
and Play Along, where you can earn your Ace Recorder™
. And don't forget about the Finger Chart!
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With any questions, requests, or
simply to say hello, email me at
david@davidcoffin.com !