Poor Pierre.
He doesn't like to hear
notes that are too flat.
Be sure to hold
the note until it's
in tune or you
need to breathe.
Check out the Finger Chart!
It's an interactive way to learn
the correct finger positions
for the first 11 notes.
Ace Recorder Player provides a fun
and entertaining way to learn some of
the most important recorder skills. This
includes pitch; the ability to recognize
when the note is in tune. Our Tuner
helps players 'see' the sound. Immediate
feedback helps you correct your breath
pressure to make the notes sound nice.
You might even find that practicing is a
lot of fun. I can't wait to hear you play!
tuner fun
Learn how to tune your notes. Let Pierre be
your guide to playing your recorder in tune, not
too sharp and not too flat. It's easy! Just play a
note and watch Pierre's hat. When it points
toward the center star, you're in tune. It's all
about keeping Pierre happy!
The key to playing any wind instrument is learning to con-
trol how you blow into it. Tuner Fun shows you when you're
playing in tune, what note you're playing, and where that
note lives on the music staff. You can see the note and the

Be sure to check out You Play, We'll Write, the music
composition module, and Play Along, where you can earn
your Ace Recorder™ Certificate.
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