The 5 songs
increase in level
of difficulty.
Our metronome
helps you keep
Win all 5 stars
and you'll become
an Ace Recorder!
The printable
Ace Recorder Certificate
will bear your name and
the date of your big
musical success.
Ready to play? Try performing our 5 popular
recorder tunes
, starting with the ever-popular
"Hot Cross Buns." Play it correctly and Pierre
will reward you with a star. He'll also give you
feedback so you can practice the exact spots
that need a little extra work.
As you master one song, move on to the next. Each time,
Pierre will decide whether you need to try again. When you
play a song correctly, you'll earn a star. Collect all 5 stars
and (drum roll, please) you're an official Ace Recorder
player. Your personalized Ace Recorder certificate will be
emailed to you to mark your achievement!

Be sure to check out Tuner Fun, Pierre's tuning module,
and Play Along, where you can earn your Ace Recorder™
. And don't forget about the Finger Chart!
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