Who's going
to be the next
Ace Recorder?
Try it out!
I've been presenting Music Enrichment
in schools since 2000, but I've been
practicing the recorder since 1963. I built this
app because I think it's an important tool for
beginning recorder players. The recorder is
one of the easiest instruments to play and
one of the hardest to play well. And that's
for one simple reason. It's one of only two
instruments that receives ALL of your
breath. The other one is your voice!
calling all
recorder players!
Try our new musical App!
Ace Recorder™ is a powerful, 3-in-1 guide for
beginner recorder players. Get immediate feed-
back on every note you play with Pierre's Tuner.
Learn correct finger positions. Watch the notes
you play appear on the staff — and listen as
David plays them back to you. Learn to play 5
popular recorder tunes
and earn the coveted
status of Ace Recorder™! It takes a little prac-
tice and it's so much fun!
Click here to learn about:
Ace Recorder™ is designed by David and dedicated to
every third grade recorder player who ever aspired to
greatness. David is a professional recorder player who
brings his many wind instruments into schools to present
his Recorder Enrichment Program. This iPhone App was
created by an MIT and New England Conservatory gradu-
ate in partnership with Cahoots Design. It works on the
iPad too.

Glovebox is proud to support David Coffin's
Ace Recorder™ in schools through the generosity
of the Godley Family Foundation.
With any questions, requests, or
simply to say hello, email me at
david@davidcoffin.com !